• Energy for a Cause Inc.

    Annual Benefit report - 2017

  • About Our Company


    To change the way the world sees and uses energy – by converting energy usage into a force for good.

    values - Redefined

    • Do Good - This is why we wake up each day. We are built on a foundation of leaving the world better.
    • Be Open - We are not a company without our customers or team. Therefore we will always be transparent and truthful.​ 
    • Stay True - We are never locked into a position or mindset, other than to never compromise our ethics for profit.
    • Keep Evolving - We strive to put our team in a position to innovate, be more and to find joy in what they do each day.
  • A Year of Development & Learning



    2017 was a year of great learning. A 2-month project turned into a 7-month project. We learned it is so important to make sure everything is well defined before beginning, don't be pushed to move forward or to compromise your vision. We also learned that everyone must be on the same page (ours) or ultimately a lot of time and money gets wasted. Well, we got through the 7 months and pressed forward with a positive attitude.

    Giving model

    We made our donation commitments to the organizations selected to receive for 2017. That felt Good. For 2018 our giving model has been redefined - Customers choose the cause of their choice for us to donate 5% to & One for One - for every new business enrollment, we will be donating a solar light to a family in a developing country in Africa.


    September 14th, 2017 we did a soft launch, as there is still programming to be completed and features added to our web app. We acquired 18 new accounts for the 100 days we were LIVE for 2017. We established some really great strategic partnerships that will be announced in spring of 2018. Over 200+ individuals have shown interest in becoming an affiliate of ours.

  • Impact

    $529.55 donated

    Charity: water

    $8.21 was donated.

    Operation underground railroad

    $8.21 was donated.

    1% for the planet

    $500 membership paid to support 1% for the Planet in 2017.


    $4.43 was donated.

    Women for women international

    $3.78 was donated.

    CNY -ASA

    $4.92 was donated.

  • Letter from the CEO

    A year in review

    2017 has come to an end and although we did not reach the goals I had set for myself, something better happened. We were able to get back to my original vision for the company, which is to create sustainable funding for nonprofits by donating a percentage of our revenue each month to the causes of our customers choice.


    I look forward to sharing with you next year all that we do and learn in 2018.


    Christoper Perry - CEO